Best Gantt – Your timeline in 5 minutes

Best Gantt is the best solution to create Gantt charts, which can be used in your PowerPoint presentation to illustrate any project timeline.

Rotate your mobile phone in order to be able to edit your Gantt chart

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Key features of Best Gantt

Create your Gantt Chart in less than 5 minutes
Super easy usage: Insert dates and tasks and you are done
Easy cut & past into almost any application for your reports
Gantt layout fitting into your PowerPoint presentation
Free to use, next to nothing for advanced features

Best Gantt is the best!

Our Best Gantt makes your project management life easier. You would like to create a Gantt chart in under 5 minutes for free? You want to insert dates and task and not care about any formats? You would like to have one tool for your timeline needs?

Best Gantt is our solution for your time planning needs. Our tool is faster than any other solution. Open your favorite browser and enter On our site you do not need to register to create your timeline. The creation and usage of the created timeline is completely free.

You start to enter dates and tasks on the left side of the chart. During the entry our timeline adapts fully automatically to your dates. The layout is always pixel perfect aligned independently of your entry. You do not need to align boxes or handle a difficult excel sheet. Simple entry, that’s it.

If you have your dates and tasks ready the setup of our timeline needs a maximum of 5 minutes. Your can simply click on the first date in our tool and a pop-up will show you a date selector to choose the correct start date. If you click on the second date you can insert the finishing date of a task. After the entry of the dates the timeline stripe will automatically resize to the selected dates. Thereafter, you can click on the task name and change it to your desired task or work package name.

After your entry you can either do a screenshot and paste the timeline in your presentation or save it via pressing the save button, saving the file on the desktop and insert it into a presentation via the Pictures button in PowerPoint. A third alternative is an easy drag and drop of your timeline file into PowerPoint.

Project Management tools do not need to be expensive. For the most small to medium projects our Best Gantt chart is suited to create a timeline in no time for free. Only the task name and dates are needed to create a simple, but reliable timeline. Almost all Project Management Certifications like PMP or IPMA Levels are using a timeline as instrument to enable the Project Manager to steer projects. Use Best Gantt today to create fast a simple timeline for your project.

Best Gantt is open for your suggestions

Are you missing a feature for our Best Gantt Plus option? Please get in contact to us and register your mail. You can easily reply to your registration email and get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!